Foreign technology professionals are in high demand in Portugal. The European country has opened up a number of opportunities for qualified people who want to start a career, and a new life, elsewhere. However, there are many options on the market so it is essential to define which areas of technology are lacking in Portugal. What defines the missing areas? The best way to answer this question is to analyze available vacancies and opportunities, to arrive at a result about which jobs, in technology, present the most opportunities.

Information Technology applied to modern entrepreneurship

The IT area receives ample prominence in this theme. There are many opportunities for professionals specialized in IT and able to deliver the results that Portuguese companies need. Among the most common positions are the programmer, Business Intelligence specialist and Big Data and Machine Learning specialist options. These professionals can be useful for an almost endless list of companies and Portugal has been looking for many qualified professionals. Salaries for these professions are also usually very interesting for those who want a new life in Europe.

Residential and Industrial Automation

The automation area has grown all over the world, not just in Portugal. New home automation projects and expanding the role of technology in everyday life have gained ground in Portugal and there is a need for foreign professionals in this area! Furthermore, automation engineers are essential for any country that wants to make the industry receive a new growth peak! Large factories can see incredible results coming out of the hands of automation engineers, and Portugal is looking for a very large industrial growth. Robotics technicians have also been receiving great opportunities to work around the world, and Portugal is also looking for professionals who play this role.

Security Technologies

As well as home automation, Portugal sees an emergence of companies linked to security technologies and the incorporation of modern systems in homes, businesses and factories across the country. This type of professional has been highly desired, sought after and there are very interesting paths for those who have the desired qualification in the area! This type of technology is in constant innovation and going to a country as concerned with scientific production as Portugal can open incredible doors to the whole world! Salaries are competitive and you can rediscover an amazing new career path. There are many areas of technology lacking in Portugal, and this means that a number of opportunities are opening up for qualified foreigners who want to enjoy the quality of life in the European country. Brazilians have an advantage in this race, since language and communication are not problems. Look for these opportunities and find out more about salaries and lines of work that fit your resume. Your life can change completely and the doors of the world will open. You can fill one of these missing areas in Portugal and enjoy all the amazing experiences that moving to Europe can offer you and your family.


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