Driving Digital Transformation

Our Business Intelligence services offer a wide range of business intelligence resources, solutions and services tailormade for each client and his needs, helping visualize and understand his data for more flexible decision making


Artificial Intelligence


Data Science


We offer specialized researches, seeking and helping to recruit highly qualified candidates for senior, executive and board positions, in the public and private sectors, as well as in non-profit organizations


Share with us about your small and medium sized projects, we can quickly assemble a team with the best and most assertive professionals, with different skills, bringing new talents as innovation, the market and its needs change and evolve


Our outsourcing policy benefits our customers with reduced operating costs and greater efficiency. We ensure that our operational partners have access to the greatest number of talents possible, staying competitive, bringing savings where possible while remaining innovative to our clients.

Global COVID-19 Fight

Worldwide the COVID-19 pandemic brought so many unforeseen problems, and we wanted to make a difference. We proudly sponsor a global multi-lingual COVID-19 blog where its focus is to provide important information and stats that can help others.

Who are we

We are a young and experienced BI team with global experience and a proven track record

we love our work

we are sensational

With Great Skill


And Efficient

And Creative

And Friendly

And Timely

And Sharp

And Passionate


Integrated Artificial Intelligence to better understand your business


Decentralized apps, smart contracts, FinTech and p2p platforms

Data Science

Accurately discover weaknesses and strengths, using the power of existing data


Global hunting resources for the right positions


Projects to measure with the right teams at the time you need


The right professionals in your physical or remote location

Our work speaks for itself

Some Of Our Clients

our values

Creative & Young & Driven

I am Scorpion Circle’s co-founder, a young consultancy company, offering integrated specialized solutions in Business Intelligence and beyond, with a proven know-how based on Outsourcing and Nearshore.

We recently restructured to adjust to the reality COVID-19 pandemic brings; whilst focused and driven to remain better able to meet the growing market demand, respond promptly, effectively and timely, result being that we are starting to compete in additional markets.

I am grateful and very happy with the team and the partners that we managed to build over the years, we started small, are still small but have bigger dreams in mind.

Together we bring and offer more value.

Leonardo Conz | CEO

Working at Scorpion makes me extremely fulfilled, I love completing challenges and working in Portugal was the biggest one. It was their human touch that embraced and made me feel at home. Thank you today and always!

Caroline H Sobrinho

BI Consultant

Already for a few years I wanted to work in another country, after several interviews and offers became clear they would not fully help with the documentation, Scorpion appeared, was concerned and planned all the steps to be able to come to work in Portugal, takes care of all bureaucracy, and continues to help with all processes and my career.

Artur Bastos

Big Data Consultant

Being a part of Scorpion Circle is truly unique and special, we have a multi-cultural and diverse team that truly works together for the same dreams and objectives, whilst driven by a creative mindset, remaining flexible and versatile. Thank You Team!

Josh Folgado

Managing Director

Coming to Portugal was not an easy decision: the distance from the family, the bureaucracy, the search for housing, etc., were exhausting. Fortunately I ended up in the Scorpion team, today I live the experience from all their effort! They  opened doors, strengthened business relationships and boosted my career.

Dineu Issis

BI Consultant

Watch what we are about

Imagination is key

What Drives Us

We believe and fully support the long-term health and stability of people, teams and the client’s needs, while driving intrinsic motivation and imagination which are of primary importance to our values.

We use this principle when proposing and organizing new solutions, resources, teams and projects, while developing a sense of autonomy and workplace satisfaction for everyone we work with.

Our focus is to lead by example to greater performance, enhanced engagement, improved collaboration, more continuity and ultimately be a company that is not only highly productive, but deeply enriching at the same time.

Human Touch

Smiling and being friendly is so important.

“People have forgotten what the human touch is, what it is to smile, for somebody to smile at them, somebody to recognize them, somebody to wish them well. The terrible thing is to be unwanted.”

– Mother Teresa –

We are open, friendly and responsive!

Passionately Resolute

We are driven by passion, seized by obsession, delighted by creation, enthralled with expression, entranced by vision, diverted by daydreams, filled with emotion, fueled by compulsion, consumed with beauty, and blindsided by inspiration.

Welcome to our minds!

Broad Capability

We are a young and vigorous team with broad expertise and global experience.

We draw on this broad expertise to accentuate and add value to the range of services we offer in the relevant friends we cover, i.e. Business Intelligence and driving Digital Transformation.

We cover areas such artificial intelligence, cyber security, business and data analysis, reporting, team leading, project management, DB experts, business, data, and enterprise architecture, general, web,  and application development, business and personal coaching, cloud, sales and marketing, financial, HR, and more.

Equal Opportunity

We believe in equal opportunity and diversity, treating people fairly and without bias while creating conditions in the workplace and wider society that encourage and value diversity and promote dignity.

We understand, value and work hard to effectively manage each individual, resulting in greater participation that can be leveraged for success at an individual, team and organisational level.

Global Experience

Our top echelon has pratical IT experience of living and working in various countries around the world, such as Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, United States, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Oman, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, among others.

This global experience allows us to be more flexible, faster at adapting and delivering.

Treasured Partners

We work closely with our Partners to understand where their skills and talents compliment each others, in such a way where the extended number of services offered adds value to our clients, solutions and projects.

We also offer tailor-made courses and options ranging from personal coaching, business consulting, language courses and more.

Multi Language Support

All our support is offered in English and Portuguese.

We offer limited support in Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

Stay Ahead


9am - 6pm

Portugal 2020

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