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Elevate your IoT security strategy with our comprehensive pentest, where added value meets uncompromising cybersecurity for a connected future.

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Unleash the full potential of your IoT ecosystem with our IoT Device Pentest service. Going beyond conventional testing, we meticulously assess the security of your connected devices, identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring a resilient IoT infrastructure.

IoT Device Pentest

What to Expect with our IoT Device Pentest Service

Our expert pentesters simulate real-world scenarios, providing actionable insights to fortify against cyber threats. From device authentication to data integrity, our service offers a thorough examination, guaranteeing not just compliance but robust security. 

Uncover vulnerabilities in your Smart Devices and fix them quickly

Internet connected devices can expose entire infrastructure to external and internal cyber threats.

Secure them now.

Our approach to IoT, Smart Devices pentest includes Hardware, Software and Server assessment.

Firmware Reverse Engineering

  • Reverse engineering firmware binaries
  • Binary exploitation
  • Encryption analysis
  • Bypass obfuscation techniques in use
  • Debugging binaries to gain sensitive info

Application Pentesting

  • Android, Cloud and Web vulnerability testing
  • Input Validation: SQL Injection, Malicious Input acceptance, Command Injection
  • Buffer Overflow, File Upload, Business logic validations, Error handling/ Info Leakage, Session management, Log tampering
  • Data storage vulnerabilities

Server side Testing

  • Identify potential for denial of service (DOS) attacks
  • Vulnerabilities specific to web servers: Directory Traversal, Command injection, Remote code execution, SQL injection, Sensitive file exposure, Web server miss configuration exploitation
  • API/Webservices testing: authorization, IDOR, Injections and exploits, API business logic bypas like skipping payments, API missconfigurations
  • Radio communication reversing for proprietary protocols

Hardware based exploitation

  • Exfiltration of Sensitive data from memory: applications store username, tokens, passwords, encryption keys, unscripted sensitive data.
  • UART, JTAG, SWD ports exploitation
  • Flash memory chips to detect a possibility to dump firmware.
  • Logic bugs sniffing and bus tampering
  • External peripheral devices: headphones, antennas etc.

Step into the future with confidence by securing your IoT ecosystem through Scorpion Circle’s IoT Device Pentest. Beyond traditional assessments, our meticulous evaluation delves deep into the security infrastructure of your connected devices, ensuring not only their immediate protection but also fostering resilience against evolving threats. By choosing our IoT Device Pentest, you are not just conducting routine checks; you are investing in the longevity and robustness of your IoT ecosystem, positioning it to thrive in the dynamic landscape of technological advancements.

At Scorpion Circle, we believe in the synergy of innovation and security. Our IoT Device Pentest is not merely a security measure; it’s a strategic initiative to harmonize innovation with robust protection.

By selecting Scorpion Circle, you’re opting for a partner dedicated to empowering your organization with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of IoT security.

Choose the bridge between innovation and security.

Choose Scorpion Circle!

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